Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mocha Fudge Cupcake

Did you see that weird "I Love My Friends" music video Kris Kardashian made?  When someone calls me and says "Hey, I was out and got you a cupcake!" I burst into a special rendition of that song.  This weekend, my former colleague and hometown BFF got me a Mocha Fudge cupcake from Lola's in Leesburg, VA.  I have been there in person, and reviewed them in November.

As anyone who has seen me in the A.M., I am no morning person.  I love coffee in my mug and in my cupcakes, and this frosting was sugar sweet mocha goodness.  The cake was, eh, but the frosting-delish.  For those non-coffee lovers of the world, how do you get by?  Donald Trump said he abstains from coffee and I have no idea why or how someone could exist without caffeine.  Especially in the classroom.

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